Ambiance CLX Electric Fireplaces

Top 6 Modern Electric Fireplaces

There are many types of electric fireplace offered by many manufacturers. These electric fireplaces are designed to suit modern and simple decorations people love these days. Here are some types of the modern electric fireplaces from Modern Flames you may be interested in. The three early series of fireplace mentioned are built-in types, two fireplaces after them are wall-mounted types and the last is a cabinet package type.Ambiance CLX Electric Fireplaces Top 6 Modern Electric Fireplaces

#1. CLX Series

This series is a modern electric fireplace that is the newest from Modern Flames. One of the electric fireplaces has been winning and awarded, which is the Ambiance CLX. This fireplace has a revolutionized electric fireplace. Any modern electric fireplaces from the CLX series are designed with realistic flames, as well as designs that are contemporary and latest technology.

#2. Builder Series

This series of fireplace is another futuristic and nicely designed. The builder series has a list of fireplaces that are made for longevity and price. They are nonheat models, and they are 100%LED. Think for the energy efficient: it produces 25 watts in the electricity.

#3. Home Fire

The next is the fire series that comes with three traditional sizes 36 inches, 42 inches & 60 inches in width. Modern Flames have their fireplaces under this series modernized on the normal sizes to an electric fireplace that is matchless.

#4. AL Series

This series are fireplaces that come in three sizes that are started at 3′ and moving all the way to 8 inches in length. This Modern Flames’ flagship fireplaces are the best for a fit for any applications.Helix Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces Living Room Top 6 Modern Electric Fireplaces

#5. Helix

This series is a latest design offer to the market that is designed with a black glass faced with the Modern Flames one of the patterns of flame. This one is designed in a simple size, one of the best designs.

#6. Neptune Contemporary Cabinet Package

There is also a cabinet package type of electric fireplace. The measurement of this electric fireplace is 56 1/2″ on the width, 41″ on the height and 14 3/4″ on the depth.

The various series of the fireplace can help you to decide which type of look you want to create.

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