brown bedroom wall decor ideas for teenagers

7 Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas For Teenagers

Decorating a bedroom wall for teenagers is not an easy task because there are things which you should consider. For an idea of bedroom wall, you can play with a combination of colors. The colors of wall should match with the colors of furniture and the floors in that room. As teenagers, their spirits are fun and playful so you can combine colourful colors for the bedroom wall. This following list gives you combinations of colors for wall bedroom which you can choose:

1. Red and Blue Ocean
The combination of red and Blue Ocean will create a neat and spacious look for a teen bedroom. The look is created because there are only two tones of colors which are combined. The color red is used for the entire part of walls. Meanwhile, the furniture such as closet, bed and cabinets are colored with Blue Ocean.

2. White
The white color is used if the teenager has a personality of simple and neat. The white wall is matched with the white floors. This similar color will create a spacious look in the bedroom. Meanwhile, the furniture does not have to be colourful that have natural wooden colors such as for the study table and the carpets.brown bedroom wall decor ideas for teenagers 7 Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas For Teenagers

3. Brown
Still, a spacious look is needed for a teen’s bedroom since they have to move around too much. The combination of colors with a similar tone can create it. A brown wall is matched with orange color for the furniture.

4. Green and White wall
The combination of two or more colors for the bedroom wall can create lines and borders for a particular part of the bedroom. Green color is bordered with white wall that establishes two dimensions on the room.purple pink bedroom wallpaper ideas 7 Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas For Teenagers

5. Violet and Pink for Teen Girls
For a teen girls’ bedroom, the colors which are used should be bright and colourful. For instance, the wall is painted with violet then the color pink is put on the curtains and other furniture.

6. Colourful Wallpapers
You can apply wallpaper with polka dot patterns that have different bright colors. You can choose color a combination such as pink, blue, violet and yellow.

7. Stripes Pattern
You also can apply striped pattern painting for a teen wall bedroom with colors that have similar or different tones.

In brief, the color choice for bedroom wall for teenagers can be used with any kinds of color which can create certain effects and looks which are suitable for teen lifestyle.

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