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7 Bedroom Vanity Set Decorating Ideas

There are many components you need in choosing a vanity set for decorating your bedroom. Those things should be decoration, color, theme and also the style. It needs a careful consideration of what kind of style you want for your vanity set bedroom. The first thing you can is deciding the theme that you prefer and then the color choice. After that, you can create a decoration that the vanity set is matched up with the whole interior of your bedroom. These following lists are the example which can be your references.

1. Teenage Bedroom Vanity Set
For a teen bedroom; you need to choose a right shape and a style which are suitable with youth spirit. The vanity should be full of fun things and colourful. For instance, for a girl’s bedroom, you can choose a sweet pink color for the vanity and its shape can be flower and butterfly models.

2. Classic Decorations
Classic looks can be created by choosing traditional classic furniture for the vanity set. The mirror on the table has a simple shape. For the table, you can choose white cabinets with a classic style. On the table you can put an antique table lamp, a classic photo frame, and maybe some unique bottles of perfume.brown bedroom furniture decorating ideas 7 Bedroom Vanity Set Decorating Ideas

3. Traditional Look
To create a traditional look, you need to use a very large shape of mirror which is hanged on the wall without frames. Moreover, the vanity table, you can choose a stylish silver table with one drawer. This is paired with a wooden chair with a traditional style. For the decoration, on the table, you can put flowers in vas and simple photo frames.

4. Contemporary Theme
This design is suitable for a modern interior bedroom. A large mirror is framed with silver and gold metal and hanged on the wall. Furthermore, you can use a white cabinet with drawers and on that you can put white flowers in a glass vase. As an ornament, you can put lights at the side of the vanity.

5. Casual Elegant Bedroom
This can be created by a combination of a white dressing table with a vintage turquoise lamp on it. You do not have to put too many things on the vanity. Meanwhile, you can use a diamond shape for mirror which is hanged on the wall.bedroom vanity table with lighted mirror decor settings 7 Bedroom Vanity Set Decorating Ideas

6. Wall Decoration
For a modern look, a vanity set can be combined with a wall decoration. You need to choose one pattern for wallpaper to avoid a messed look.

7. Natural Lighting
Natural light can be obtained by setting your bedroom vanity set near windows. This is useful for you when you are applying your make up for a better result.

In conclusion, the decoration of bedroom vanity sets can be created according to its theme and style one of which you want. You need to implement aspects above in choosing the elements of its design.

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